❗ A skimming device was found at a 7-Eleven in Pennsauken

❗ It's the second skimmer found at a South Jersey NJ 7-Eleven this week

❗ It is unknown how long the devices were stealing information

For the second time this week, police have seized an illegal skimmer device from a Burlington County 7-Eleven .

Pennsauken Police report it was installed on a credit card machine at the 7-Eleven located at 6001 Westfield Avenue.

7-Eleven Store at 6001 Westfield Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ Google Maps
7-Eleven Store at 6001 Westfield Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ
Google Maps

Investigators could not say how long the device had been installed or how many debit and credit card accounts were affected.

"If you utilized the credit card machine at this location, it is highly recommended that you contact your credit card company and advise them of this finding," police wrote on Facebook.

Are NJ 7-Eleven stores being targeted?

On April 1, a customer at a 7-Eleven on Route 130 in Cinnaminson found a skimmer and called police.

In this case, police were able to use surveillance video to determine the device was installed on March 22 at 9:21 p.m.

Google Maps/Townsquare Media illustration
Google Maps/Townsquare Media illustration

Cinnaminson police are warning any customers who used their debit or credit cards at the 7-Eleven to review their bank statements for possible fraud activity.

Despite the close proximity of the two stores involved, investigators have not linked the two incidents at this time. The investigation into the Pennsauken skimmer is ongoing.

How do I protect myself?

Skimmers can usually be spotted by doing quick visual or physical inspections before swiping or inserting a card.

Look for tape or sticky glue on the ATM before using it. Look to see if the card insert area seems bulkier or thicker than usual. Is there anything hanging from the ATM? A wire or a cord hanging from the machine could be a telltale sign.

Card Skimmers Detector
A variety of tools used to skim information from credit cards are displayed at the office of the New York Police Department's Financial Crimes Task Force. The U.S. Secret Service says more than a billion dollars is stolen from U.S. consumers each year by credit card skimmers, money that funds organized crime and which is usually passed back to consumers through higher fees. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Also, be sure to run your fingertips over the card insert area and the keys before starting. If anything feels loose, that’s also a sign the machine may have been tampered with.

If you suspect the credit card reader has been compromised, don't insert your card notify the store and call police immediately.

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