Another four-event day is behind us as we hit three counties on the trail Wednesday.

I want to thank my friend Sheriff Jim Gannon in Morris County, one of the best sheriffs in New Jersey, for another huge success. It was his annual celebration for St. Patrick's AND St. Joseph's Day.

As you can see, my attire erred on the side of red for St. Joseph.

Bill Spadea
Bill Spadea

It's great to have an event that celebrates tradition and gives people used to rubber chicken dinners a break, the food looked delicious. Of course, this was event #2 of 4 so I didn't get a chance to eat, but the festive atmosphere was energizing.

Great seeing some friends who will be key to making sure we restore common sense in the Garden State. One of the best county clerks, Anne Grossi, who continues to enjoy strong support from Morris County voters as she leads with integrity, courage, and expertise.

Also great seeing Mayors Mark Taylor from Florham Park and Jamie Barberio from Parsippany.

Assemblyman Jay Webber was also on hand. Jay is arguably one of the most measured, smartest, and principled leaders in the legislature.

Also on hand was our friend Kristen Cobo who as you may remember is one of the moms being sued by a school librarian after she exposed the wildly inappropriate sexually explicit material available to children in the Roxbury school library.

Although I had to head out to speak to a PBA event in Middlesex County, congrats to Kristen's daughter for her dance performance at the event.

I'll keep you posted with tales from the trail as we continue our mission to deliver common-sense policies for the citizens of New Jersey.

Next stop, our first "Listen and Learn", Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Park Nine Diner in Freehold.

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