🚍 NJ Gov. Phil Murphy isn't ordering migrant buses to avoid New Jersey

🚍 The state wants fair warning when busloads are headed its way

🚍 New York City has been less welcoming

Since around the beginning of 2024, over 1,800 individuals who recently arrived in the United States have been transported by bus to transit sites in New Jersey from Texas and Louisiana.

If this continues to happen, there needs to be some type of warning so that officials have a better shot of protecting the well-being of passengers once they arrive in the Garden State, according to Gov. Phil Murphy, who sent a letter on Monday to more than 20 charter bus companies in southern states.

"Apparently, charter buses are transporting these individuals to New Jersey due to the operators' unwillingness to transport their passengers to New York City according to the terms of the New York City Mayor's Executive Order of December 27, 2023, which would limit drop-offs to certain times and locations," Murphy's letter reads.

The vast majority of migrants that are dropped off in New Jersey immediately travel into New York City, according to officials. So officials in New York are being caught off-guard as well.

Murphy's letter to bus companies

Murphy's letter tells bus companies transporting migrants that "it is imperative" that they notify the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management at least 32 hours before their anticipated time of arrival.

Buses are being asked to provide the state with the following information:

⚫ The total number of passengers on each bus

⚫ The number of single adults, children under 18, etc.

⚫ Each location in New Jersey where passengers will be dropped off, and when

⚫ The time and city of the bus's initial departure with its passengers

⚫ A description of the bus, including its license plate and any identifiable exterior features

"As we continue to see more migrants arrive to our state at the hands of the Governor of Texas, who is reportedly funding the passengers' transportation with taxpayer funds, notice to New Jersey officials in advance of these individuals' anticipated arrival is critical to ensuring the health and safety of passengers once they arrive in New Jersey," Murphy said.

Last week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams filed a lawsuit against several transportation companies that had transported tens of thousands of migrants to the city, in order to recoup costs for providing shelter and services.

Adams encouraged Murphy and other states to implement executive orders to stop the buses.

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