🍷 Man and woman left kids in car for a wine tasting, prosecutors say

🍷 They are charged with neglect

🍷 The kids were unharmed

WHITE TOWNSHIP — A New Jersey man and woman could each face time in state prison if they are convicted of leaving two young children in a car while they sampled reds and whites.

John O'Mahoney, 43, and Radhika Vyas, 37, are both charged with fourth-degree cruelty and neglect of children.

The charge carries a maximum of 18 months in state prison if they're convicted, according to the Warren County Prosecutor's Office.

Authorities said that O'Mahoney and Vyas drove to the Four Sisters Winery in White Township on Feb. 25. They had two toddlers, ages two and three, in the vehicle.

Four Sisters Winery (Google Maps)
Four Sisters Winery (Google Maps)

According to prosecutors, the adults went into the winery for a wine tasting and left the toddlers in the vehicle for 20 minutes.

Staff at Four Sisters Winery noticed the situation and called the police, prosecutors said.

While State Police were on their way, the man and woman went back to their vehicle and drove away.

State Police found them later the same day in the nearby township of Harmony. The toddlers were unharmed, prosecutors said.

"We would like to remind everyone that it is not acceptable to leave young children unattended in a vehicle, and that doing so for even a short period of time can result in tragic consequences," said Brenton Warne, acting chief of detectives for the WCPO.

O'Mahoney and Vyas were charged last Thursday.

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