Although I don't have a huge sweet tooth, if I'm gonna have a sweet treat, I'd prefer to get it from one of New Jersey's outstanding local, family-owned bakeries.

To help you do the same, I asked the morning show crew about their favorite for everything from donuts to bread.

Here's the list.

Kathy our Board Operator: L&M Bakery in Delran

News Anchor Eric Scott: Gingered Peach in Lawrence

Jill Myra, New Jersey South: The Italian Peoples Bakery in Mercerville

Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow: Bovellas in Westfield

Producer Kristen: Scala Pastry Shop in North Brunswick

Bob Williams, New Jersey Traffic North: Giancarlos in Ledgewood

For me, there are two go-to places if I'm having a sweet craving or want to send a gift to friends and family.

In North Jersey, it's definitely the Dessert Ladies. They're in Stirling and the chocolate towers are the best.

And in Central Jersey, it's the House of Cupcakes with shops in Princeton, East Brunswick, and Clifton, plus Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!

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