You know what's cool about New Jersey?

It's a sleeper pick of a state.

You don't realize how much there is to do, how much there is to see, and everything the state has to offer unless you really spend some time here.

For example, before my wife and I moved to Jersey a couple of years ago the only thing we knew about the state was that it had the shore.

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But there's so much more to it! Jersey has a vibrant food scene, a live music scene like no other, and of course all of the little towns that make the state unique.

In fact, these are 7 overlooked towns that you should check out to get a better feeling of New Jersey.

However, there's one city in particular that travel experts are saying is the most underrated city in the state of New Jersey.

What Is New Jersey's Most Underrated City?

I'll be honest, I'm not totally sure I agree that Love Exploring's pick for Jersey's most underrated city is accurate.

I mean yes, it's a legendary New Jersey beach town, it's home to one of the oldest boardwalks in America and has an incredible nightlife scene, but it's also a pretty popular tourist destination.

According to Love Exploring, Atlantic City is Jersey's most underrated city because of the city's recent improvements over the years and increasing family-friendly atmosphere.

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Photo by Chermel Porter on Unsplash

I always think towns like Ocean Gate or Bayville are underrated.

You get all the fun of the Jersey Shore without the multi-million dollar price tag plus a really strong sense of community.

Now, what may really shock you is what the Bennies think of our amazing Jersey Shore.

Bennies Review New Jersey Beaches

Gallery Credit: Jackie Corley

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