There are so many reasons it's great to live in New Jersey.

Just one of them is live music.

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Whenever an awesome tour is announced, we usually never have to worry whether it's coming to our area.

Between New York, Philadelphia, and all of the excellent Garden State venues, we're covered.

My favorite Jersey music venue for larger shows is PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel.

My very first concert was at what we called the Garden State Arts Center at the time. It was a 7th-grade school trip to see The Beach Boys. It was then that I decided that I'd be an avid concertgoer for life.

Plenty of big names make a stop at the "Garden State Arts Center" for those who have been locals for a while.

Plus, the amphitheater is right off the Parkway which makes it easy to get in, and easier to get out after a show. Well, at least sometimes.

Getting tickets is somewhat easy as well with the Arts Center able to hold 17,500 people. Including seats and lawn.

Many in Jersey consider seeing a show at the PNC Bank Arts Center a summertime tradition.

Tailgating in the parking is often just as much fun as the concert itself.

Are you a "seat snob?" That is someone who will only hit up a show if they have seats. Truthfully, the "real fans" end up on the lawn most often.

Let's look ahead to 2024 and see what Live Nation and the Arts Center already have in store. Be sure to bookmark this page as many more shows will be added.

2024 PNC Bank Arts Center Schedule

Gallery Credit: Matt Ryan

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