Remember the loose bull on the NJ Transit train tracks earlier this month? Well now he's a best-selling overnight sensation!

It was a crazy sight on the morning of December 14 when a loose bull was inexplicably seen running and walking down Newark Penn Station train tracks. The news quickly caught national headlines alongside videos of the huge, horned animal, taken by perplexed onlookers.

NJ Transit via X (Formerly known as Twitter)
NJ Transit via X (Formerly known as Twitter)
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The moment was so viral that it caught nationwide attention, so NJ Transit saw an opportunity and ran with it! (No pun intended.)

Less than a week after the incident, NJ Transit released a $20 stuffed animal fashioned after the famous bull, and it started selling rapidly! In fact, the adorable 6" Ricardo plushie doll sold out in two days according to Philly Voice.

Credit: NJ Transit
Credit: NJ Transit

Two days!! When I first heard that they were selling the plushie, my initial thought was "Who's going to spend $20 on that?" A lot of people!

If you want to buy a Ricardo plushie, it may not be too late! After the first stock sold out, he's back by popular demand, according to the NJ Transit Shoppe!

(As of Dec 21) You can pre-order the plushie doll for when it's back in stock.

Money for Ricardo

If you buy a Ricardo plushie, you can rest assured that it's for a good cause. Profits will help the real Ricardo at his new home at Skylands Animal Sanctuary And Rescue in Sussex County, where he's living his best bull life!

Want the Ricardo plushie too? Get him if/when you still can!!

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