We love to eat in New Jersey. There is nothing better than a great meal, but no meal is complete without a great New Jersey dessert.

New Jersey restaurants
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We have some of the best restaurants in the nation here in the Garden State, and that means we are used to getting some awesome desserts to go along with those amazing meals.

What Is A "New Jersey" Dessert?

We started to wonder which dessert is the most "New Jersey" dessert in the state. So, what does that mean?

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There isn't a true definition to it, but it's kind of like when you bite into a genuine slice of New Jersey pizza. You just know.

New Jersey pizza
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The only problem is that so many of our desserts fit that exact description. Is there one dessert that says "New Jersey" than any other?

We Went To The Experts To Find Out

The only way to find out was to ask New Jersey food experts what they thought, and we know exactly who the food experts are. You are.

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We can always count on you for some great answers, and that is exactly what we got this time around.

New Jersey bakeries
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We got specific answers, and we got general answers too, so we decided to have a winner in both categories.

Here Are The Winners For Most New Jersey Desserts

In the general category, no dessert got more votes than the New Jersey cannoli, and that is always a great choice.

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