Wow. A big, blue whale gave quite a show to amazed beachgoers enjoying the morning at Spring Lake, NJ on Monday (June 19, 2023), according to

The article said it was only a few hundred yards off the beach and was spotted having a good 'ole time splashing around, jumping out of the water and blowing water from its blowhole. Wow. The impromptu show even had the people on the beach cheering for it. My eyes would have been glued to the scene too. So cool.

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Whales have been seen more and more over the past few years off the Jersey coast, looking for small schools of fish. Experts say they've been more prevalent because of cleaner water and changing ocean temperatures, but they're usually not this close to the beach.

There are several whale watching tour companies along the coast in New Jersey.

My family and I went on a whale watching cruise a few years ago in Cape May, but, we unfortunately did not see any whales, but did see a bunch of dolphins, which was a really cool sight.

So, if you're at the Jersey Shore this summer, keep your eyes open, you never know what you may see.

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