We all know that New Jersey is a pretty healthy state, and a report has revealed which exercise is the most popular in our state.

Women love to work out in New Jersey
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There are so many great ways to get fit here in New Jersey, but the exercise that experts say is the most popular one in the state may surprise you.

The first things that came to my mind are the two things we are most famous for, beaches and boardwalks. Of course, we're famous for our pizza too, but I didn't think that would be appropriate in an article about staying fit.

It's Not Beach Exercising

Getting back to the beaches and boardwalks, made it easy for me to make two guesses as to what our favorite exercise is, but running on the beach and walking on the boardwalk were both incorrect, even though they are both great ways to get fit at the Shore.

Walking on the boardwalk is not New Jersey's top exercise.
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There are also a lot of other ways people can stay fit, and even though they seem like obvious choices, they are not our top exercise either.

So many of us have at least given it a try, and even though it is among the hottest ways to exercise, it still isn't New Jersey's most popular exercise.

No, It's Not Yoga, Either

So, if it's not jogging on the beach, walking on the boardwalk, or yoga, then what is New Jersey's favorite exercise? It's good old weightlifting, according to BarBend. Who would have guessed?

Weghtlifting is New Jersey's most popular exercise.
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New Jersey is one of six states to have weightlifting as its top exercise.

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