It's a big deal when you can narrow down New Jersey's favorite meal at an Italian restaurant, but your votes are in, and here are the results.

We know there are few things New Jersey residents are more passionate about than their Italian food.

No State Loves Italian Food More Than We Do In New Jersey

We all have our favorite restaurants and the one pizza place we can't live without, but we had a slightly broader question than that.

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Even though it's a broad question, it should produce a significant answer. We wanted to know the top Italian food dish in New Jersey. That is quite a title and we asked you to crown the winner.

It is a moment we all look forward to here in the Garden State. After a long day or week of work, we settle in with the people we love at our favorite table in our favorite New Jersey Italian restaurant.

What Is New Jersey's Go-To Italian Meal?

Once we're settled in, the only responsibility we have is choosing our go-to meal from that awesome menu.

You told us your top choice and now we can present to you the top 3 Italian food dishes in New Jersey.

Here's a hint if you're trying to guess the top dish. Our top 2 dishes include the word "parm". Of course, they do.

Here Are The Results Of Your Votes

Here they are, just the way you voted for them:

#1 Chicken Parm

#2 Veal Parm

#3 Eggplant Rollatini

Thanks for all your votes.

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