Where's that one restaurant you can think of, that doesn't get enough attention for how good their food, staff, atmosphere is? We can all think of one of these spots, and we all have our own different answers - our own secret hidden gems.

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We talk a lot about different New Jersey restaurants that are featured in magazines, online blogs, social media, and even the news. And they deserve all the praise they get! But let's get YOUR opinion into the mix.

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And when I say your opinion, I really mean it! Which restaurants in the area do YOU think don't get their praises sung enough? After all, we love shouting our local restaurants and businesses!

We asked you on our Facebook page, "What's the most underrated restaurant in Central New Jersey?", and we got a bunch of answers. Will you take the word of your fellow Central New Jerseyans?


Let's take a look to see what some of our followers and Central New Jerseyans have to say. If you've never tried or heard of these places before, you can put them on your little Central Jersey bucket list! Here's what some of you had to say in our comments:

Here Are Some of the Most Underrated Restaurants in Central NJ, According to You

Here's what YOU had to say on our Facebook page!

What do you think of these picks? Agree/disagree? Do you have any other restaurants to add to this list? Don't be afraid to chime in!

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