⚫It's tulip season in New Jersey

⚫The biggest tulip farm in New Jersey

⚫Thousands and thousands of tulips for picking

If you've never tip-toed through the tulips, you will be amazed. This is something that is truly beautiful and it will lift those spirits right up.

It is truly something I enjoy every year. Tulips say, "SPRING." When I say "TULIPS", tulips are everywhere the eye can see. And you can pick the tulips, too. These amazing tulips are at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge.

I went the last couple of years with some girlfriends and our families. It's an annual girl's day we can not wait for every year.

Literally, you will be "Tiptoeing through the Tulips". The beauty of this family-owned farm is spectacular. Your eyes won't believe it. Tulips have always been my favorite and when I see tulips, I think of spring, immediately.

Please reserve your tickets before you head to the farm. They will give you a time to start your day and then stay all day picking the tulips.

Think of the awesome photo opportunities for your whole family. You will be amazed after seeing all these tulips.

Food trucks, petting zoo, and so much more to enjoy at Holland Ridge Farm.

From Holland Ridge Farms Facebook Page:

U-Pick Tulips is officially OPEN!!

"Starting today we'll be open from 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week until at least Sunday, April 21st. If we can extend the season, we will. Tickets will be added to the store later on.
The weather is perfect for tulip picking this weekend - bright and sunny! We have millions of tulips coming into bloom and so many activities going, so what are you waiting for?!

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