In case you haven't heard, a big landmark in Somers Point is closing shop this summer.

McNaughton's Garden Center in Somers Point, in business for over 25 years,  will be closing its doors this summer.

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So, what's going on that big piece of property on Route 9 (New Road) near the Shoprite?

What should replace McNaughton's in Somers Point?

I've devised 12 ideas - things we'd like to see take over that property.

Yes, this list is food-heavy ---- because, who doesn't like food?

1. A nice, big locally-owned and operated restaurant.

Sure, we'd like to see a local South Jersey entrepreneur see their dreams come to fruition with a local stand-alone concept. We'd support that business 100%!

2. A Chick-fil-A.

If you're going to go by rumors, this one tops the list. Yes, we've heard rumblings of a Chick-fil-A coming to Somers Point.

Why not? The chain has two very successful locations in Egg Harbor Township, so why not capitalize on that success?

3. Panera Bread.

This is the other constant Somers Point rumor that's bounced around for the last couple of years.

Panera does not have a location in Atlantic or Cape May counties, so this might work.

4. At Home Store.

Not my idea, but a co-worker is pushing for this. A big-box home store chain.

There could be worse things.

5. A great sports bar/restaurant.

Yes, Somers Point already has some great bars - this one would be bigger and more wide open. Think Chickie and Pete's or Tailgaters kind of concept.

Cooper's Hawk Winery Somers Point
Google Maps

6. Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant.

It's a fun chain concept without any New Jersey locations. A winery within a restaurant would certainly appeal to locals and Shoobies alike.

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7. Cheesecake Factor

Another big chain with no nearby locations. I'm a big fan, you might be too!

Culver's in Somers Point
Google maps

8. Culver's

A Wisconsin-based chain and home of the ButterBurger. Combine a hamburger with butter - what could be better?

Yet another great chain with no New Jersey locations.

Mellow Mushroom in Somers Point

9. Mellow Mushroom

Pizza that's different - and pretty good. I think Somers Point needs some mellowness, don't you?

First Watch Somers Point
Google Maps

10. First Watch

Making breakfast fun again. A chain concept with no Atlantic or Cape May County locations.

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11. A TW Sports-like entertainment concept.

TW Sports existed years ago on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township. A fun local go-kart and amusement place.

Granted, there probably wouldn't be enough population or business to keep it open year `round.

12. A Dollar Store

I'm kidding. Had to throw that in there for the peanut gallery.

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