Sometimes getting home after a long day of work and having to cook dinner can be an exhausting feeling. If you’re just not feeling like cooking tonight, but you want to grab a delicious meal you have to check out the top-rated burger spot in The Garden State.

If you’re looking for some honest feedback on local restaurants, hotels, stores, etc, Yelp is for sure my go-to tool.

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It’s the winter, so we need to treat ourselves to some comfort food and there’s nothing better than a big, juicy burger for dinner. According to Yelp the top-rated burger in New Jersey is right in Newark, New Jersey and you may have even been there!

Where Is The Best Burger Spot in New Jersey?

According to reviewers on Yelp, if you’re looking for a phenomenal burger, the best spot to go is The Yard in Newark, New Jersey. They’re open from 12 pm to 8:30 pm Tuesday to Sunday and have great reviews online.

The most exciting thing about this spot is that they have a super unique menu. Looking at their popular dishes online, they include their Oxtail Burger, the Shrimp Burger, the fried chicken sandwich, and Jerk chicken.

Although they’re known for having the top-rated Yelp burger in New Jersey, you can also get your hands on sausages, hot dogs, and full entrees. This is for sure worth checking out if you’re in the Newark area.

The Yard is located at 55 Park Place, Newark, New Jersey.

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