'On Wednesdays we wear pink.' That's not just a line from Mean Girls, it's a religion. Which makes Wednesday the perfect night of the week to hit a Mean Girls party in Atlantic City.

In just days, Regina George and The Plastics come back to life on the big screen in a new Mean Girls movie.

There's a new cast, a new Burn Book, and a whole new reason to make 'fetch' happen.

Mean Girls 2024
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Did you know the cult classic movie became a musical on Broadway a few years ago? The musical version of Mean Girls was SO successful, creator Tina Fey decided to make it into a movie that debuts on January 12th.

Can you just hear Regina George singing 'Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries.' and Gretchen Wieners scream singing 'YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!' to the top of her octaves range?

To celebrate this new twist on a fan favorite, Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City is throwing a Mean Girls party inside Nola's Bar & Lounge on Wednesday, January 10th.

There will be specialty cocktails, probably pink (because if you're going to drink Ocean Casino would rather you do it in their house, lol), a very special drag performance, photo moments (so check for huge pores and sucky nail beds), and music by DJ Freezie.

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And remember to wear PINK or partygoers will be asking, 'Do you even go here?'

Mean Girls movie 2004
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To miss this event would be social suicide! Lol.

By the way, the OG Mean Girls movie turns 20 this year! Check out some films hitting their 50-year mark below.

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