The lawsuit is finally over. A popular DelCo wedding band named JellyRoll has settled their lawsuit against country and pop music superstar, Jelly Roll.

The band filed a suit in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on April 8 for their trademark on the name Jellyroll (no space). They held that trademark since 2010, the band’s leader Kurt Titchenell alleged.

Tichenell and Jellyroll (no space) claimed that the Google searches for their band were leading people to Jelly Roll as his popularity drastically increased in recent months.

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The lawsuit said that the band has been working events as far back as 1980, and they’re performing at about 100 gigs a year, they say.

The name with a space — Jelly Roll (the alias for Jason Bradley DeFord) — for his part, began using the name Jelly Roll around 2010, the lawsuit said.

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His popularity has grown exponentially since 2022 with massive hit songs like “Need a Favor.” The band said that google searches would often result in “as many as 18-20 references before any reference to the band.”

Well, it was announced today (July 9) that the two sides had reached a settlement.

“The dispute… has been resolved,” a lawyer representing the wedding band told the media.

The exact nature of the settlement was not made clear to the media, but they say that the band will continue to use the name Jellyroll for their party band.

Jelly Roll has not publicly commented on the settlement.

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