Have you been wanting to go on vacation but haven’t been able to work out the logistics of everything?

One of the best spots to visit with your friends for a fun time of drinking and listening to great music is Nashville, Tennessee!

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This bar/restaurant in Jersey City will transport you to downtown Nashville without a plane ticket!

I’ve seen so many videos of this adorable bar located in the heart of Jersey City that brings some of the most amazing vibes and is for sure a different style of restaurant/bar compared to others in the area.

Where is Boots & Bones in Jersey City, New Jersey?


Boots and Bones is located on Newark Avenue in Jersey City and it will absolutely teleport you to Nashville. Boots and Bones serves up amazing BBQ foods like ribs, wings, loaded potatoes, and more along with amazing drinks that will be perfect for your social media.

When you post pictures from this spot, people will never guess that you’re still in New Jersey. Boots and Bones have been going viral for not only their amazing BBQ foods but for the atmosphere in general.

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They announced they’ll be hosting a Swiftie Saturday coming up soon that will feature a playlist of Taylor Swift’s greatest hits from all of her eras. There are a lot of happy hour specials and more events that Boots and Bones put on that keep everyone infatuated with this spot.

If you’re into the Nashville vibe but don’t want to leave New Jersey, check out this spot in Jersey City.

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