What are the chances the actor who plays a popular character from the DC Comics universe shows up at Six Flags Great Adventure in the Metropolis section of the park?Well apparently very high!

Last month, Ray Fisher who played Cyborg from the "Justice League" movie was at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and rode CYBORG Cyber Spin. It's the ride named after the character he portrays in the DC films.

As a huge comic book fan, I think it would been so cool to actually sit next to the person who's the superhero on the big screen at Six Flags. I also have to mention that Ray Fisher grew up in grew up in Lawnside, NJ. So maybe there's a good chance that he'll come back to Six Flags again.

If you want to see the ride you in action you can check out the video below. Be careful though, even the footage gave me motion sickness.


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