If you watched the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday, you would know that it was the ladies who stole the show. Everyone from former first lady Michelle Obama to Joe Biden's kids came dressed to impress. The outfits worn at the capitol caught the eyes of millions of Americans watching at home.

Michelle Obama came ready to serve, and instantly became a trending topic the moment she stepped out in her burgundy pant suit. Joe Biden's four granddaughters came dressed in matching monochrome coats paired with matching face masks and hand gloves. According to Popsugar, the girls' outfits nicely coincided with Jill Biden's sea blue coat dress that was meant to symbolizes "trust, confidence, and stability."

However, the one who won the hearts of many with her outfit was Ella Emhoff, daughter of New Jersey native Doug Emhoff. According to NJ.com, Ella strutted her stuff in a sharp plaid designer coat with bespangled shoulders and a bold white collar. Fun fact, at 22 years old Ella is actually a designer herself. So the girl knows how to dress!

“I think the goal is definitely to have my own knitwear brand, label, whatever you call it,” she told Vice’s Garage in November. “Setting up a shop, most likely online of where I can just have a bunch of different pieces that I’m constantly creating and doing my commission-based work and having that all be in a shop.”

But it wasn't just Ella's outfit that captured everyone's attention. It was her eyebrows too! Her perfectly full eyebrows could be spotted a mile away.



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