Do your kids have to be a certain age before being left home alone in New Jersey? Some states throughout the U.S. have rules pertaining to this, but is The Garden State one of them? I feel as a parent life has to get a little easier once you know you can either go to work or run to the grocery store fast by yourself.

This is something that usually varies from family to family, but in some states, it’s actually illegal to leave your kid home alone if they are under a certain age. In Illinois, your child has to be 14 and over before they can legally be left alone and actually, that is the highest age pertaining to this law across the entire country.

According to, States like Colorado and Delaware require children to be at least 12 years old before being left alone, but it’s very shocking that in Kansas, your child only has to be 6 years old. Shockingly though, there are more states throughout the country that have no minimum age requirement to be left home alone. It’s shocking that only 12 of the 50 states throughout the U.S. have implemented a minimum age requirement when it comes to minors staying home alone.


At What Age Can You Legally Leave Your Children Home Alone In New Jersey?


New Jersey happens to fall in that large chunk of states that do not have an age minimum when it comes to leaving your children home alone. According to co.bergan.nj, “The State of New Jersey does not specify any appropriate, legal age to leave a child or children home alone.” There are 38 U.S. states where this is also the case, New Jersey included. It all comes down to personal preference I guess!

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