One problem that has been resurfacing in conversations in most households is the task of grocery shopping that has become a stressful outing for most. Worrying about contamination, health and being able to get everything for the family are all concerns once in the store.

You may be armed and ready with your comprehensive list of things – and backup things – along with a recommended mask and social distancing practices but there seems to be a recurring issue.

Empty shelves and shortages at stores have resulted in having to take multiple and more frequent trips to the store. This is more than most prefer to risk at this time. To help people with this problem the app and website called OurStreets Supplies was developed.

By allowing people to report back on the app or website on what they could or couldn’t find at local stores, it creates a community of people trying to help out one another. Before hopping in the car and zipping off to the store, people can check the app or website to see which items are available at which locations.

According to Tribe Live, the app also allows you to report whether there was enough space in the store or pharmacy to be able to practice safe social distancing.

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