Remembering Kobe Bryant is one of the most talked-about things at the moment. After the terrible helicopter accident on Sunday morning, how can you not pay homage to such a big superstar?

Many NBA teams have paid tribute to the Los Angeles Lakers legend. 6abc mentioned that during tonights Philadelphia 76ers versus the Golden State Warriors game the Philadelphia team will be paying their respects to Kobe Bryant.

It'll be extremely emotional considering Philadelphia is the original home of the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

Philadelphia 76ers General Manager told 6abc, "We're going to try to commemorate him tomorrow and hopefully show how much this area loved him and continues to do so."

Kobe Bryant was such a big part of the sport that many people have started petitions to make Kobe the new NBA logo. Some NBA players that were currently using either number 24 or 8 have requested to change their number as respect for Kobe Bryant since those are the numbers he used throughout his career.

Building lights and bridges have been turned purple and gold throughout the City of Brotherly Love to represent the colors that Kobe wore for 20 years.

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