It is brought up very often that teachers are very under-appreciated. Honestly, it's great to see how businesses are always trying to find a way to thank them. This time around Krispy Kreme is the business that is trying to show teachers a little extra appreciation.

According to, Krispy Kreme made it known that teachers will be able to get free coffee and donuts for Educator Appreciation Week. If you search Educator Appreciation Week it'll probably show that it is some time in May but not in this case. Krispy Kreme thinks otherwise  since "education is going to be very different this school year and more challenging." That is very true. COVID-19 has changed so many things for those that are educating our young children.

It was stated on that starting August 10th, lasting a whole week until August 14, teachers will be able to get a free glazed doughnut and a coffee just by showing proof that they are teachers.

Doughnuts make everyone happy so this is definitely something to look forward to if you are a teacher.

Even if you are not a teacher you are in luck. You can also get some free doughnuts. We learned from that everyone else that comes to Krispy Kreme on Tuesday will be able to get "Straight-A" dozen donuts for free. You order a dozen doughnuts and get the other dozen for free. So pretty much buy one get one.

Now we are talking!

Times can be a little tough but there are always good things out there that will make us smile. I tell you this, a doughnut will always make me smile.

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