Whenever we start thinking about all of the cute towns in the state of New Jersey so many different places come to mind. Recently a list was released that shows "The 23 Most Charming Towns In America" and only one New Jersey town made the list.

According to 24/7 Tempo, it was not an easy task to choose just 23 charming towns in America but they were able to narrow it down. We learned that what makes a small town charming is "they’re not crowded, life often moves at a slower pace, traffic is less of a problem, people are usually friendly, and there’s lots of civic pride." Okay, we can work with that. It definitely sounds like what a small cute town should be.

24/7 Tempo made it known that Lambertville, New Jersey takes the 11th spot as one of the most charming towns in the whole country. There are so many cute towns in the country and Lambertville makes the list. That's amazing.

We learned from 24/7 Tempo that "a half-century ago it was run down" people decided to make big moves and renovate the town of Lambertville. After being renovated it started to attract a lot of tourists from both Philadelphia and New York.

If you are curious to know where the number 1 most charming town in America is, it is actually in Beaufort, South Carolina. With things opening back up and the country somewhat going back to normal it wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit some of the most charming towns in the whole country.

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