The weather is getting nicer and it makes you really want to be outside. After being cooped up in the house for months on end, it’s so exciting to get out and enjoy the warm weather we’ve been seeing lately.

If you’re looking to be more outdoorsy and want to challenge yourself to get outside more this spring and summer, camping is a really great way to get outside and make a night of it.

Is It Legal To Sleep On The Beach At Night in New Jersey?



Wouldn’t it be so fun to go down the shore, pitch a tent, and sleep on the beach for a night down at the Jersey Shore?

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Of course, it would be amazing to be able to lay on the beach, make smores, and hang out with your friends all night, but is it legal to actually do that in New Jersey?

Of course, we all can admit, that we’ve been on beaches with no lifeguards and have taken a stroll on the beach at night, but can you get in trouble for sleeping there all night? Here’s what the laws say.

Unfortunately, it is not legal to sleep on the beach in New Jersey. Most beaches in our state forbid beachgoers from stepping foot on the beach from 12 am to the following morning.

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