We all know that if you have super-tinted windows in New Jersey you kind of stick out like a sore thumb. If you drive on the highway long enough in New Jersey I’m sure you’ll see a car that’s pulled over by a cop with extremely tinted windows.

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Unless you study the laws of tinted windows in New Jersey, it is kind of confusing! How much is too much when it comes to tinting the windows on your car in New Jersey? There are a lot of rules surrounding this one topic.

When Were New Jersey’s Window Tinting Laws Enacted?


These laws were enacted in 2003 and it regards all “-necessary information about your car’s window tint including how dark or reflective the tint is allowed in your state.” according to TintingLaws.com.

How Dark Can Your Window Tint Be On Your Car In New Jersey?


In New Jersey, you’re allowed 70% window tint on your vehicles in the permitted areas according to Vinyl Frog.


According to Pro-Tint NJ, the darkness of the tint on your car is measured by the Visible Light Transmission percentage. The percentage means the visible light allowed through the tinted film and the window.

There are different rules about the tint allowed on each section of your car’s windows:

  • Front Side Windows - No tint can be applied legally
  • Windshield - No tint can be applied legally
  • Rear Window - Any darkness can be applied
  • Back Side Windows- Any darkness can be used


I never really understood the point of tinting your car windows, but if you’re doing it for aesthetic purposes make sure you follow these rules if you're in New Jersey!

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