What are the odds that #InternationalDayOfHappiness and #FirstDayOfSpring land on the same day. IT'S JUST AMAZING! Just about everyone is done with the cold and looking forward to warm days down the shore.

Yes, we know, once spring is here many people get allergies and stuff like that but lets just focus on #InternationalDayOfHappiness. No Bad Vibes!

What are some of life’s simple pleasures that just bring happiness to your life?

Maybe a long walk in the beautiful weather after a tough day? Or how about popping bubble wrap. Oh that's always such a stress reliever and just brings such simple happiness.

McDonald's made a very solid point on #InternationDayOfHappiness. Those extra fries are always bringing a smile to my face.

How about that one song that makes you smile and just makes you feel good?

One thing that will never let you down, and probably the best of life’s simple pleasures, is your furry friend.


Now go ahead and enjoy the #FirstDayOfSpring and also #InternationalDayOfHappiness.

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