If you’re on the hunt for a house right now in the New Jersey area, good luck! I’ve been on the hunt lately and most houses are untouchable when it comes to price. A lot of houses are extremely overpriced right now, so apparently it has some people thinking of alternate housing and I’m just here to help you out with some of the logistics on that.

When times get tough, people try to outsmart the system and this is one example of that. If you’re looking to move out of your old home and want to stay within budget, some people were wondering, can you legally live in a storage unit in New Jersey?

If it’s possible, it’s not a bad gig, is it? It’s just a studio apartment that has a garage-styled front door. I’m sure if you watched enough YouTube and TikTok DIY videos, you could make a storage unit one beautiful apartment.

In theory, it sounds perfect! According to Extra Space, the largest storage unit in New Jersey costs about $371 per month, which is much much cheaper than anyone I know’s rent! The question stands though, is this legal?

Is It Legal To Live In A Storage Unit In New Jersey?


According to Law. Justia, “No occupant shall use a self-service storage facility for residential purposes.” via the 2022 New Jersey Revised Statutes Title 2A - Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice Section 2A:44-188 -

Definitions. So no, you can’t live in a storage unit in New Jersey, but do I blame people for considering this? No.

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