Fear of Covid-19 doesn't seem to have stopped anyone who wanted a Belmar beach badge over the weekend!

(Borough of Belmar)
(Borough of Belmar)

Saturday was the day that Belmar beach badges went on sale. A tradition that so many look forward to each year, as beachgoers get ready for the start of the season Memorial Day weekend.

It also happened to be the perfect beach day weather-wise. So if you stopped thinking about the Covid-19 pandemic for five minutes and were just standing on the boardwalk in Belmar, you would have thought life was normal.

But, instead, the line spread down blocks and blocks' worth of boardwalk as a social distancing task force made sure people lined up six feet apart awaiting their chance to get up to Taylor Pavilion for their badge.

There seem to be two rabidly passionate views going around social: One for staying home because it's way too dangerous to be at the beach in a crowd, and one for going out and living your life because we need the fresh air and sunshine at the beach. And then there are those who are fearfully and judgmentally bashing everyone they see at the beach for not wearing a mask or not properly social distancing.

So let's hope that, come Memorial Day weekend and the addition of the Bennies, that we can all stay calm and carry on as best we can as we try to enjoy our Jersey Shore AND simultaneously remain healthy.

Are you buying a beach badge this season? If so, for which beach?

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