R&B artist Coi Leray is reminding all of her fans that it is never too late to go after your goals and achieve your dreams.  This past week the 24 year old "No More Parties" singer, graduated from Montclair High school In Montclair, New Jersey.


She documented the memorable day on Instagram, posting pictures in her blue cap and gown alongside her diploma. Leray even gave the commencement speech. It was super cool to see that she had the support from her record label that day as well. The CEOs of Republic Records attended the graduation in support of their client.

Leray looked so happy to be graduating! When they announced her as a special guest, she pranced up to the podium to her platinum hit "No More Parties" blasting in the background. She even did a little Tik Tok move that is apart of the viral dance people have been doing to her song.

If you didn't know, Leray was born in Boston MA and grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey. She dropped out of high school at 16 years old. She stated in an interview with "Say Cheese" that she moved out of her parents home and left school at a young age to work a full time job.

"I had dropped out because at the time I was working. I had gotten myself into sales. I was making a lot of money in sales," Leray told Say Cheese. "The hours were 9 to 7, so I couldn't go to school from 8 to 3. I had to make a choice."

So even from a young age Leray was a straight hustler, just like she states in her song "No More Parties."

So congrats to her! She is such a vibe and an inspiration to many people. Keep shining girl!

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