As more and more people in New Jersey find themselves out of work during this corona pandemic, ShopRite brings good news. The family-owned grocery chain has announced they are hiring.

Amazon, according to their press release, says they need to hire 100,000 people nationwide to help with their crush of orders. The online company says they will be, "temporarily raising hourly pay $2 an hour through the end of April for those who work at their warehouses, delivery centers and Whole Foods grocery stores."

Here's the email I received from ShopRite this afternoon as well as other possible jobs from my Facebook post.

Picture via Shop Rite
Picture via Shop Rite

Harry Spivak: "Supermarkets will be hiring. I can put folks in touch with the HR department at the Ravitz Shop rites in South Jersey. They can text me, 215.278.3759."

Beth Coffey Fite: "The Census Bureau has been hiring temporary workers recently."

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