Lorde feels a kindred spirit in fellow young pop star Billie Eilish.

On Friday (June 18), the "Solar Power" singer sat down with BBC Radio to promote her comeback single. When the radio host mentioned the many parallels she sees between Lorde and the "my future" singer, Lorde agreed.

“We have sent just a few little messages back in the day when she was very young," Lorde revealed. "She’s so, so sweet. There’s only a handful of people who understand what that’s like, to be a teenager and have that level of scrutiny on your body and your brain."

Eilish's debut single "Ocean Eyes" was released when she was just 14. Meanwhile, Lorde's smash hit "Royals" debuted when the New Zealand singer was only 17. The two quickly rose to fame, respectively, and found reassurance from their families while navigating the challenges of the career and lifestyle of being a famous musician.

“Obviously she’s pretty close with her family, as am I, which I think is really helpful at that age when your world is changing," Lorde added. "Yeah, I mean the music is awesome. She’s just doing such a good job."

Lorde previously supported Eilish during the beginning of her career, back in 2018, when Lorde praised Eilish's rendition of Michael Jackson's "Bad" on social media.

In the same year, Eilish revealed to JenesaisPop that she spoke with Lorde and was a big fan of her music.

"About collaborating, we're never talked about it, I don't know," Eilish said in response to the idea of working together in the future.  She later added, "It’s nice becoming friends with people I’d idolize, it’s a little crazy for me."

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