There are so many things that have been breaking my heart during this pandemic. One of them is that I have not seen my Mom in about two months. She still has to work every day and we didn't wanna risk her coming over our house and possibly infecting us or our son. I feel awful and whenever we video chat with her, I can see how sad she looks and not being able to see her on Mother's Day, just breaks my heart. It's also extremely sad for anyone who's loved one is in a nursing home or senior care facility.

Lowe's, the home improvement store, has decided to partner up with local florists and send flowers to nursing homes this Mother's Day according to Fox. They understand how hard this Mother's Day is for a lot of people, because many cannot see or be with their loved ones. Since people over the age of 60 are most at risk for coronavirus, nursing homes and senior living centers have had a strict no visitors policy in March. This  has been extremely sad for families who cannot visit their loves ones who are in a nursing facility. Even people who are in the hospital for a medical condition aren't allowed visitors. This loneliness is heartbreaking especially around a holiday like Mother's Day. So Lowe's is delivering flowers to about 500 nursing homes and senior facilities and estimates they will spend $1 million. This is so sweet and they hope to put smiles on some faces.

Check out the heartwarming video Lowe's posted to their Facebook page.



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