Lupe Fiasco's disdain for Kid Cudi dates back nearly a decade. Last night, when the Chicago rapper appeared to weigh in on the shocking Academy Awards moment where Will Smith was seen slapping comedian Chris Rock onstage for a distasteful joke, Lupe made sure to insert his abhor for Cudder in the midst of it all.

On Sunday night (March 27), Rock made a joke about the sequel to the G.I. Jane movie, a film in which actress Demi Moore cuts her hair very low, likening a buzz cut, and referenced Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who is sporting a similar hairstyle due to her struggle with alopecia—a hair loss condition that she has been vocal about battling. Well, after Chris Rock's joke, Will chuckled, noticed his wife had an opposite reaction—an eye roll—walked onstage, cocked his arm back, slapped his fellow actor-comic and warned him to keep his wife's name out of his "fucking" mouth.

Lupe Fiasco suggests that he hopes the two veteran funny men can find a common ground and reconcile, at some point. But within that tweet, Lupe also affirmed that it's still "fuck Kid Cudi."

"I hope they can find some time to come to terms with what happened, reconcile and move on...

But it's still Fuck Cudi 4 Life," he typed in a now-deleted tweet.

There were follow-up tweets as well where Lupe continues to opine on Kid Cudi, whom he's clashed with since the summer of 2014.

One fan inquired, "what lupe said about cudi."

To this, he replied, "He a Bitch...been a bitch...and he a snake ass no good ass nigga...I said all that lol."

lupe fiasco kid cudi tweet
LupeFiasco via Twitter

In a separate tweet, a fan wrote, "I thought it was all in the past Lu." Lupe caught wind of this post as well and said, "It is...I just have to remind myself and others from time to time," adding a laughing emoji.

lupe fiasco kid cudi tweet
LupeFiasco via Twitter

Lupe even echoed a similar sentiment last September when a fan asked if he would listen to Cudi's verse on Drake's Certified Lover Boy album. Cudi appears on "IMY2."

Lupe Fiasco has dissed Cudi a number of times over the years, calling Cudi a disrespectful clown while the Cleveland rhymer was battling mental health issues, an action Lupe admitted was "childish and petty." On a different occasion, Lupe also stated that Cudder could "get his ass beat."

In 2015, which appears to be the the only time that Cudi has really fired back, Lupe called Kid Cudi a "fake ass" and advised him to stop dismissing those who had his back during a time when folks in the industry weren't as supportive of him.

In response, Cudder called Lupe, "Poopé Fiasco."

But it all started one year prior, when Kid Cudi called Lupe Fiasco out on Twitter for charging fans $500 for personalized verses from him. And pretty much, it's been a war of the words—at least on Lupe's part—ever since.

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