Classy! Despite Halsey's insistence otherwise, Machine Gun Kelly, apparently lacking all respect for the pop star's sexual agency and privacy, still asserts that he and the singer hooked up.

Speaking on The Breakfast Club in New York City on Thursday (September 20), the rapper, who is currently feuding with Halsey's on-again, off-again beau G-Eazy, told the radio show that he "absolutely" had sex with Halsey—a bold claim he also made on a diss track towards the other rapper back on August 31.

"But that's back when we were rocking," he added, referring to the time the pair allegedly spent together over the summer, following Halsey and G-Eazy's breakup. Last month, MGK unleashed a freestyle aimed at G-Eazy, on which he rapped, "I f---ed his girl now he look like me / This s--- overbearing / How dare him, I dare him."

Aside from dragging Halsey further into the muck that is his feud with G-Eazy, MGK also opened up about his ongoing beef with Eminem, pseudo-apologizing for sexualizing Eminem's daughter, Hailie Scott, on Twitter when she was underage back in 2012.

"Look, I'm a father. I didn't know how old she was," MGK reasoned. "All the headline said was this person we had only known through records was all grown up. I'm a father. I get it. Man to man, I apologized. I took the tweet down...We're talking about the same guy who s---ted on dead people, Christopher Reeves in a wheelchair. It's a silly comment to start all of this."

Silly, yes—and yet, this ridiculous feud seems never-ending.

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