As New Jersey starts to ease the restrictions imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and towns are trying to figure out ways to maximize outdoor seating areas.

According to, Mooretown's Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) has come up with 5 options that it believes could be viable for the town. says one of those options is closing Main Street and placing tables on the street that could be used by adjacent restaurants.

Although this could cause headaches for drivers, it is not unprecedented. Main Street has closed in the past for festivals, although those events usually only cause Main Street to close for one day.

It's definitely an interesting idea, but says that the EDAC Chairperson Kate Wilson admitted that the committee was told by Moorestown's police chief that closing Main Street was not likely.

Main Street in Moorestown is home to more than a dozen restaurants and/or eateries, including:

  • Carollos Little Italy
  • Healthy Garden Cafe
  • Luna y Sol Mexican
  • Maurizio's
  • Passariello's Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen
  • La Vita's Pizzeria
  • Oriental Pearl says that several members of the town's council have expressed concerns regarding expanded outdoor seating on Main Street, especially as it relates to the safety of dinning customers.

For more information regarding the options the EDAC presented to the council, click here.

Moorestown is just one of several South Jersey towns that would benefit from expanded outdoor seating.  Others include:


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