Now that the weather is nice and warm enough again, we're excited to get back outside to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of spring and summer - outdoor dining!

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Of course, we're already back to outdoor dining, but one New Jersey city wants to make it even better... by drawing inspiration from pandemic days!

New Brunswick's city council is proposing an ordinance to bring back the expanded outdoor dining model they followed in the days of the pandemic restrictions, according to

Since indoor dining was restricted to reduce the spread of the virus,  the city adapted by blocking off George street to make room for outdoor dining. It came to be known as pedestrian plaza, and it was a hit! But more importantly, it helped many restaurants along the popular street stay afloat.

If approved, the plan will temporarily close off George Street between Albany and Bayard streets for a period of 24 hours at a time from May 21 through Nov. 5.

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This will open up the street for pedestrians and for some of the best shops restaurants on George St. to expand outdoors. Perfect for getting a taste of the town while soaking up the outdoor atmosphere! There would also be live music and entertainment!

“The businesses along George Street are looking forward to the closure and opening for a pedestrian plaza so that more people can come out and enjoy the nice weather by either dining or shopping outside,” said Pam Stefanek, director of New Brunswick City Market.

Which restaurants would be a part of outdoor dining plaza?

According to New Brunswick City Market officials, all restaurants along George St. are invited to set up outdoor dining during the street closure

Some of which include Roosterspin, Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe, Fat Cactus and Tavern on George.

Are you all for this idea? You could help make it happen. The proposal will be open for public comment on May 17 before it's put to a vote. Let's hope it's approved!

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