Walmart stores may start to look a little different during the morning hours. The chain has been making some changes regarding its stores across the country, including New Jersey to create a better shopping experience for customers.

Across New Jersey, there are 63 Walmart stores and I’m sure all of us find ourselves in a Walmart store to run most of our day-to-day errands.

Now, if you experience any of the following conditions, you’ll be able to shop in Walmart stores during their “sensory-friendly” hours.

What Are Walmart’s ‘Sensory-Friendly’ Hours?


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Walmart has now permanently implemented their ‘Sensory-Friendly” hours in their stores across the country, including in New Jersey. This means that if you are someone who has conditions such as autism, ADHD, PTSD, etc, Walmart is doing everything it can to ensure a calming shopping experience.

According to Business Insider, “During that period of the morning, stores will dim some of the lights in the store, turn off the music, and have screens on the TV wall will play a static image, according to Walmart”.

There is no planned end date for their sensory-friendly hours so if you are someone who has a condition like some of the previously stated, this for sure will be a positive thing while shopping at Walmart stores from 8 am to 10 am.

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