Mandy Moore is a blonde (again)!

On Thursday (May 20), Moore said that she was "back to blonde for [the] summer." The singer-actress wanted a fresh look for the summertime, so she went back to her signature blonde shade.

"I've been longing for some much needed change," Moore told People of her new hair color. "It really felt like now was the perfect time to do something different, with the world seemingly opening back up again... normal feels like it's really right around the corner."

Instead of going to a salon, Moore actually dyed her hair herself at home, using advice from celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee.

"It's buoyant and bouncy and glossy and shiny and all the things I wanted," she added.

Since Moore's hit television show This Is Us will conclude with Season 6 in 2022, she confirmed that she will wear a brunette wig to film the show so she can keep her lighter hair hue.

"With this new chapter of my life, it just felt like the right time for a hair change," she continued. "The color feels indicative of how exciting and hopeful people are."

Moore's hair and fashion styles have changed and evolved over the years, so much so that she describes herself as enjoying "being a bit of a chameleon."

"That's the fun part that I have found in my sort of personal journey as a woman," she shared. "I love being able to express myself through fashion and different hair colors and hairstyles. It's just so thrilling to be able to lean into whatever change feels right at any given time."

Moore previously revealed that her role as the wholesome Jamie Sullivan in 2002's A Walk To Remember inspired her go brunette for the majority of her adult life.

"It came at a time in my life when I was only seen from the pop music landscape and through that lens," Moore previously told Entertainment Tonight. "There was a real significance to coloring my hair. As silly as it sounds, there was a real significance in the way that people saw me, but also in the way that I carried myself and that I saw myself. It was the last little piece of the puzzle I think in terms of getting into the character."

Mandy Moore Through the Years

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