Places we always want to go to and expect them to be clean and with great food are restaurants and grocery stores. We can tell you this much, the Department of Health is always on it and making sure all consumers are always getting quality produce and cleanliness.

According to, this very first month of 2019 a couple of Bucks County businesses that carry food got a quick visit from the Department of Health.

Amongst those businesses that Bucks County Department of Health went to inspect are, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, Morrisville Sunoco, McCaffrey's Market, Villa Rosa, Pizza Hut Morrisville and Christine's.

Out of those 6, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken (332 W TRENTON AVE MORRISVILLE, PA 19067) was the only one that had no health violations.

Pizza Hut (229 PLAZA BLVD UNIT 30 MORRISVILLE, PA 19067) was the business with the most violations, which were 8 of them.  One of the comments shown on Bucks County Department of Health website mentions, "Diced tomatoes in prep unit contained mold. Product was discarded during inspection."

Morrisville Sunoco had 4 health violations, Christine's - 6 violations, Villa Rosa - 4 violations,   and McCaffrey's Market with 1 which is the second lowest.

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