New Jersey is going green...and I am not talking about our environmental initiatives.

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A lot of people have jumped on the marijuana bandwagon since it was legalized in New Jersey back in April. Welcome to the good side...

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So it is no surprise that we have not one, but TWO major firsts that are about to debut in the Garden State.

For the first, a New Jersey rapper and actor -- who was born and raised in the Garden State -- has announced his next cannabis-related business venture.

Who is it? Here is a hint...he well known as a rapper and for his role on Law & Order Special Victims Unit.

It is Ice-T!

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According to, Ice-T is a business partner for a brand new recreational marijuana dispensary that will be opening in Jersey City.

I wonder what he will call it?

It will be 5,000 square feet and is expected to open sometime this Fall. No specific opening date has been announced to the public just yet.

And now for the other big marijuana-related first opening in New Jersey.

Recreational Use Of Marijuana Becomes Legal In Nevada
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According to, the first marijuana dispensary with a drive-thru option has opened in Lodi.

It is at Apothecarium Dispensary and it is as simple as it sounds: you order, you pay, you get and you GO!

"We have two drive thru windows to offer consumers and patients a quick and easy way to shop when on the go," said Apothecarium Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Chantelle Elsner according to

Their grand opening is set for sometime next month.

That is not all. Along with their drive-thru, there will be an, "interactive bud bar [which allows] shoppers inside to see and smell products before buying."

Now THAT is cool.

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The marijuana business will only continue to expand in New Jersey and I wonder what is next?

Maybe instead of ice cream trucks, marijuana trucks? DIBS ON THAT IDEA!

But here are a few others:

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