This is so cute, but speaking as a Jersey girl, I also feel so attacked!

There's a recent TikTok trend where people are spilling their guts about absolutely anything. Usually it helps paint a picture of a defining characteristic of themselves or someone else.

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It could be pertaining to where you work, where you live, what your family's like, what your hobbies are, and so much more. And they all start with a statement like " I'm _______, of course I ______!"

In this guy's case, it's "I married a Jersey girl, of course _____."

Credit: TikTok @__themitchells
Credit: TikTok @__themitchells

I came across this TikTok posted by user @__themitchells, and the Jersey girl in question is filming her adorable husband as he talks about what it's like being married to a woman from New Jersey!

I won't spoil too much of it for you, but he goes in about how she pronounces certain words, her knowledge about pumping her own gas, her driving skills, and sass levels!

The video has over 75K likes and 735K views!

Credit: TikTok @__themitchells
Credit: TikTok @__themitchells

He's TOO spot on with these things!

It's a valid roasting session. Check out the video for yourself down below!

And the Jersey gals have been sounding off in the comments!

"Nothing’s more Jersey than her arguing with you after every sentence... Im a Jersey girl too!"

"I'm a NJ girl, the food one is so real. Im convinced half the country at least don't even know what a roll is."

"You raised your standards and married a Jersey girl!! We’re real ones!"

"You married a jersey girl - keep complaining and her uncles Vito and Carmine will pay you a visit."

Did he hit the nail on the head or what? Let us know what you think!

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