This Mercer County, NJ town is bracing for an invasion of “Martians” that are coming soon.

Ok, so maybe not real Martians, but there are sculptures of Martians that will be taking over the town within the next few weeks and for good reason.

It was 84 years ago that Orson Welles’ announced on Halloween night that aliens had landed in West Windsor, New Jersey.

The radio broadcast was live on Halloween night and everyone was panicking over the supposed arrival of Martians in Mercer County.


I swear, this stuff only happens to us, right?

In honor of this iconic and historical moment that took place all the way back in 1938, West Windsor Arts are teaming up with the Historical Society of West Windsor and they’re collectively hosting a “mARTian Project” sculpture design contest, according to

It’s listed that all age levels and also, all skill levels are invited to get in on the event and present their own design for a sculpture in honor of the broadcasts’ anniversary coming up this Halloween.

The prompt of the project is to imagine that aliens are invading and create your own version of what the Martians would look like if they really had landed in West Windsor all those years ago.


Artists who plan on giving the contest their best shot can either take inspiration from the original radio broadcast or go in a completely different route and put their own spin on things!

Designs will only be accepted until September 9, so if you plan on entering, get going now!

The public will take a vote on which is the fan favorite and the winner will not only receive a cash prize of $500 but the design will be sculpted and become the official mascot across town.

For more details on how to submit your design, go to 

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