Grounds For Sculpture is one of the most famous landmarks in Mercer County, NJ that always draws in a crowd.

Although it already is a local landmark, more visitors may be making their way to Mercer County to check out the local sculptures because of TikTok.

Everything that goes viral is because of TikTok now, and a viral video showing the best places to check out in New Jersey has just shined a light on this Hamilton, NJ attraction.

The entire account is dedicated to things to see and do in the New Jersey area and the video that was made showing off the entirety of Grounds For Sculpture.

As of right now, the Tiktok itself has just under 200 thousand likes and is still growing. Over 40,000 people have saved it and there are so many comments of people talking about making a trip to check it out.

The TikToker who posted the video said the place was a work of art and that it was ‘so dreamy’.

So many of the popular sculptures made the cut in the final edit of the video like one of the people holding hands spinning in a circle and of course the sculptures that are by the little pond inside of the grounds.

There are so many things to check out during your trip here like dining in at Rat’s Restaurant which has not only great food, but the atmosphere is unmatched.

It’s so cool to see Mercer County, NJ getting some recognition online! Grounds For Sculpture is located at 80 Sculptors Way, Hamilton Township, NJ, 08619.

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