Tropical Depression Henri rolled through over the weekend and flooded much of the Garden State. Towns and communities that have not seen flooding in years were now under water and some of businesses and homes have been devastated.

An area that has been flooded and hasn't recovered just yet is Mercer County Park, specifically the lake and marina area.

The Mercer County Park Commission announced on Facebook yesterday that the area will be closed until further notice until the flooding has subsided. There will be no kayaking or fishing or any other water sports until further notice.

According to The Patch, East Windsor received got almost 8 inches of rain over the weekend when Tropical Depression Henri hit and Mercer County Park is on the border of East and West Windsor.

Stay up to date by following the Mercer County Park Commission on Facebook or check their website for details on the reopening of this area.

I live so close to Mercer County Park but I am sad to say I have not experienced all it has to offer. We've done many festivals and concerts there in the past, so I've been to the festival grounds, but I feel like there's so many other things I would like to do there.

The Boathouse at Mercer Lake looks so beautiful and I know they have Happy Hours there in the summer. I'd love to enjoy those. I also know the lake has various activities to enjoy like paddle boats and they even have a splash park too.

Before summer is over, hopefully the flooding will get better and my family and I can enjoy some activities there. I know it's a very popular spot for all families as well.

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