Are you anti-Black Friday and are trying to avoid those crowds but still want something to do? recently shared that on Black Friday everyone has a chance to be a part of the #OptOutside program.

The #OptOutside program is encouraged by the Mercer County Park Commission every year to have families in the community challenge themselves. According to Tap Into, #OptOutside happens the Friday after Thanksgiving and it gives you different options on outdoor activities such as a guided walk on Black Friday, a 5-mile hike challenge. It was stated on Tap Into that the 5-mile hike challenge is a new option this year. stated that the new 5-mile hike challenge can be located at 2 different locations. It will be at the Baldpate Mountain as well as Mercer County Park. This is created for adults or older youth.

If you are all for the outdoor activities this is probably a good one for you. mentioned that you must register if you want to be a part of the #OptOutside program.

Oh, and if you are a biker the #OptOutside has something for you also. shared that there is a new 5-mile bike challenge in Mercer Meadows. It has been mentioned that it is a little difficult but 5-miles on a bike sounds easy.

This is a good idea to get out and get a workout in if you feel like you need some well-deserved exercise after all of the Thanksgiving food. We are all going to have some sort of food coma for sure.

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