This is a fun way to celebrate the upcoming year.

There's been a Scottish new year's tradition going on in Mercer County for about 2 decades now.

What these residents did in Lawrence Township is burn away all the bad that happened in 2018.

Literally ...

What this group of people do yearly is write down the bad that happened on a piece of paper head down to a bonfire and throw it right in till it's burnt to a crisp. That way the bad is gone for good and it's something they don't have to take with them into the new year.

Because of the rain this year they've held the fire off till New Year's Day ... regardless of the day, as long as the bad gets burned away, 2019 should be cleansed for a fresh start.

Not going to lie. I love this ... (maybe because I'm like 1/8 Scottish) but it's just a cool way to get rid of the bad.

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