There’s no better vibe than getting all of your friends together and going out for a nice, warm meal when the weather gets chilly. We’re in the heart of winter right now in New Jersey and if you want an excuse to get everyone together for your next dinner party, now is the time to do it! made a list of what they think the coziest restaurants in New Jersey are for the winter season and one Mercer County restaurant has officially found its way onto the list!

There are so many good restaurants in Mercer County alone for whatever type of meal you’re feeling. From pizza to sushi, fancy to casual, you can go out and get a great meal for any occasion very close to home.

This list by names 39 different cozy restaurants to check out during the winter and if you’re from the Mercer County area, you may see a familiar spot when scrolling through.

What is Hillbilly Hall in Hopewell, New Jersey?

Hillbilly Hall in Hopewell, New Jersey was just named as one of the coziest restaurants to grab a bite to eat this winter in the entire state. Have you ever heard of it? Based on their Facebook page, they’re a family-owned restaurant and bar that has been in business for over 30 years.

If you’re looking for a place to grab a beer and some food at the end of your day, this is for sure the place to stop. Hillbilly Hall has a menu of great food and different beers on draft. Anything you could want from Angry Orchard to Stella Artois, you’ll be able to grab something cold to sip on and have yourself a cozy night in Mercer County.

Hillbilly Hall is located at 203 Hopewell-Wertsville Rd. in Hopewell, New Jersey. You can find out more about this local stop on their site, here.

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